What we can do for you

Customer Support

A round the clock assistance through our multiple channels and tools to offer helpful, high quality professional PR/Marketing Services. Working side by side with product teams to explore myriad opportunities for growth and development. Holistic metrics tied to company numerous goals like NPS, customer satisfaction and more.

Digital Marketing

DDA is our tool for branding, brand online presence, reach, awareness and influence. A huge exposure to huge and diverse audience.

E-mail Marketing

As a digital marketing Company, a structured systematic marketing messages delivered to target subscriber is one of our major tools to engender consistent relationship between our Clients product and Customer which in turn increase the Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score.

Online PR

Online PR

Social Media Marketing

Direct and indirect sales, traffic and attention, interaction and relationship are built via social media platforms with strategic social media plans using divers social media tools. Consistency is our key word in social networking.

Viral Video Marketing

Our audiovisual expertise is our advantage in creating content and giving a viral video treatment to our client’s idea. Our sister video solution company Lensflair Foto + Film Limited is capable to deliver quality in various platforms format.